I work mostly with found objects in the form of assemblage or installation.  Re-presenting them… sometimes as they are, sometimes altered.

The actual finding of the objects that I use is an important part of the process – gathering, collecting, acquiring – whether that be picking things up in the street, or scouring junk shops and boot sales. Often they resonate with me on some level – visual metaphors, evoking emotion and thought.

I’m interested in the life of the object – the idea that it has a past, a present, and an uncertain future. It might bear traces of previous owners, scars from a former existence. It may have been lost, discarded, abandoned.

I am drawn to things and situations with an air of melancholy about them, and am intrigued by the paradoxical lostness of found objects.

Taking photographs is an extension of my looking, seeing and noticing in daily life. The images are usually of everyday, commonplace, transitory scenes that one might not even glance at in passing.